World Fair Trade Organization

The WFTO is a global authority on Fair Trade, not because we say so, but because our members make it so.

Membership of the WFTO is limited to organizations that demonstrate a 100% Fair Trade commitment and apply its 10 Principles of Fair Trade. WFTO members who are monitored against these Principles are listed in the Fair Trade 100 index of world-leading Fair Trade brands, businesses and organisations. Not just the pioneers of the movement but the innovators of the market.

The WFTO represents Fair Traders from grassroots through to the G8 and is the authentic voice of Fair Trade, having driven the movement for 20 years. It is the only global network whose members represent the Fair Trade chain from production to sale. (Source:


World Fair Trade Organization – Asia


WFTO ASIA comprises of 90 Fair Trade Organizations, both involved in development and business, mostly from the poorest part of the continent–South and Southeast Asia across 14 developing countries: Bangladesh, China, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Korea, Laos, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Timor Leste and Vietnam. Members now includes producers and producer organizations, cooperatives, intermediary marketing organizations, retailers, business development service providers, advocacy groups,NGO’s, faith-based organizations and Fair Trade country-networks. With members coming from diverse business and development backgrounds, the network fuses experience and expertise from different fields to come up with strategies addressing the challenges confronting grassroots producers in the region. Majority of WFTO ASIA members are engaged in the production, marketing and trading of food and crafts products made by marginalized sectors, particularly women and cultural minorities. (Source:

Advocate for Philippine Fair Trade, Inc.

apftiAPFTI Vision

APFTI is dedicated to the proposition that poverty in all its forms could be totally eradicated from the face of the earth!

Towards this end, we envision responsible and viable community enterprises and a community of responsible Filipino entrepreneurs contributing to poverty alleviation through Fair Trade.n (Source:

Coffee for Peace

coffee-for-peaceWe are a community  of conscientious individuals who are passionate to spouse business for profit and address
social issues that concerns our farmers, our environment, and the peace situation in our land by advocating
Fair Trade in the coffee industry. (Source: