There are about 60-70 homebased workers of Salay Handmade who are residing in the different barangays or villages of the town. The homebased artisans consisted of 3 groups:
1. Design Workers, a female-dominated group about 6o members, mostly mothers and women without other employment. But a few number of men took interest in this job whose hands can equally work with women. The group is provided with designing work whenever the order requires design job. In the absence of formal design training, these group develop a unique handiwork thru patience, love of work and love for family.

2. Craft workers – This is also a male-dominated group of homebased workers who are passionately executing craftswork. During lean period, this group consisting of fathers and young men, would engage themselves into other activities like fishing, carpentry, driving and other jobs to sustain their family. Others are owners of farmlands. They tend their farms and do the crafting work during free time. Some members of this group have been with the company for 2 decades and have adopted to the trend of order for crafted products.

3. Silk-screen print group – This is the last group consisting of 3 members on regular basis. They however form clusters of support group to assist them during peak of production for products needing silk-screen printings. The company assisted the training for this group and the members are executing globally competitive silk-screen designs. The products below are the silk-screen printed by this group.
The company has staff who conducts regular visitations and checks on the conditions of both the workers and the products.

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